Side X Side Carnage

Off Road Magazine RZR Carnage

Now that the dust has settled we wanted to show you what not to do in your RZR or any other Side x Side you own.

Off-Road Magazine now has their own RZR project, and out playing they took it a little too far. Here is what they had to say:

Ever seen those mountain biking videos where the guys go cliff/ledge jumping on downhill mountain bikes? Well, we made a guess that our Polaris RZR could do that too. Too bad we had such a rough landing spot…. Every jump went well until the very last one (that’s why it was the last jump…).

In a split second, I had to make the decision between trying to stop for an 800-pound boulder or creaming a really nice little bush. Well, I saved the bush, and didn’t stop in time for the rock….

Damage: one bent frame, two wasted lower A-arms, one annihilated prerunner bumper, and one destroyed OMF beadlock wheel. Suck.

-Jerrod Jones
Off-Road Magazine



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