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Pit Bull Tires Goes Desert Racing

After a long day of shooting pictures for our coverage of the BITD Parker 425 and the sun went down in Parker Arizona, I hung out with the crew of G & G Motorsports.  While we were talking, I asked them how they liked the Pit Bull Tires on their race truck. The crew said, “They almost have TOO much bite”.

G & G Motorsports runs a 37×13.50-17LT / D Rocker tire on their 8026 truck. Now this truck is no slouch with well over 500 HP and it seems that the Pit Bulls grabbed whatever terrain they threw at it.

After hearing this, it got me thinking, why would a desert race team with over 30 years of desert racing experience choose a “rock crawling” tire instead of one better suited for the desert terrain? I contacted the folks at Pit Bull and got some more details about their company and the tires they produce.  This is what they sent me about Pit Bull Tires’ Rocker Extreme Off-Road Tire:

  • Real Sidewall Protectors – that help protect the sidewall and rims from impact.
  • Rim Guards – gotta have ’em
  • All Bite No Bark™ noise resistant technology
  • Sidewall Traction designed using Fang™ Technology – what’s Fang™ Technology? Look at the pictures and see for yourself.
  • Construction/rubber designed using Tear It Up™ Technology – what’s Tear It Up™ Technology? You can’t tell from looking at our tires. It’s our secret on why our tires are so cut resistant, puncture resistant and heat resistant. Which translates into a longer lasting tire providing many hours of hassle-free Off-Road pleasure.
  • Deep lugs – designed for excellent cleanout.
  • Sipes – Strategically placed for maximum traction and easy cleanout.

About Pit Bull Tires

Pit Bull Tires is a division of Tire Mart, Inc. – a nationwide wholesaler in business for over 65 years.  Pit Bull Tire Company was started as a motorsports division back in 1994.  We entered motorsports with our own line of Pulling tires in that year and haven’t stopped expanding into various markets.  It took us 10 years of research and development to come out with our own lines of off-road LT bias tires in the Pit Bull Rocker, Growler and Maddog designs.

We are consistently adding new products to our Pit Bull family.

It is clear to me that seeing the dirt being thrown from the rear tires that these tires are a great choice for desert racing. It just makes sense if they can withstand the abuse of crawling over rocks with almost no air pressure in them, that with a bit of air pressure they should withstand the abuse caused by desert racing.

I would not be surprised if we start seeing more of Pit Bull in desert racing in the very near future.



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