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Prerunner Bumpers and Light Bars

Rear Prerunner Bumper

Now it was on to the rear bumper. Here you can see 2 support tubes welded to the frame. These will act as the main supports for the rest of the rear bumper. You will notice how we cut down the hitch receiver and incorporated it into the bumper.

Here is the bumper before it went to paint.

After 3 coats of primer and 3 coats of color, here is the finished bumper.

Custom Roof Mounted Light Bar

Six inch Acro HID lights produce a lot of light, but we felt we needed more. It was time to build a custom light rack to house 4 8” Halogen lights by Acro Lights. We chose Acro’s halogens for this because of their slimline, giving us more room when we needed to lay it down.

After the 2 main tabs were welded to the body, the main support was cut and bolted in.

Then Robby bent up the u-shaped top tube and tack welded it on along with the tabs for the lights.

Here is a closer look.

This is the finished light bar. You will see the struts on the side give us the ability to lay it down when not in use, and as a custom touch Robby used the set screws for the roof rack as stoppers for the rear mount of the strut bar.

Custom Roof Mounted Light Bar

When you are prerunning a course it is important for the other prerunners to see you in the dust. So we decided to create a custom rear light bar that would house 2 red LED lights and 2 amber LED lights. Ron “Pops” Woolworth headed up this project, and created a one-off light bar for us. He reinforced the roof rack attachment points and mounted the light bar to the roof rack. This way it can be removed and he didn’t have to alter the stock look with extra holes in the roof.

Custom Nerf Bars

Knowing the owner of this Explorer prerunner is tiny, she is only 5’2”, Robby had the idea of fabbing up some custom nerf bars that she can use as steps to get into he Explorer.

We want to thank everyone at Woolworth Motorsports for their creativity and craftsmanship. These custom prerunner bumpers and light bars really set this Explorer off.

In an upcoming article we plan on doing a full test on our Acro Lights. At the time of writing this article we are having a full moon, so we can’t get a true test of the overall brightness of the lights. We have used them already and they definately turn the night into day.


  • Woolworth Motorsports – Front and Rear Bumper, Nerf Bars, and Front and Rear Custom Light Bars
  • Acro Lights – 4 – 8″ Halogen Offroad Lights, 2 6″ HID Lights

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