Prerunner Maniac Forum Posting Contest August Update

Not Feelin the Love

Last month we announced a new forum posting contest where the winner would receive $50 for the most posts. We have seen a slight increase in postings but not what we expected.

Come on all you Prerunner Maniacs, start posting in our forum for your chance to win $50. Here is a recap of the rules:

Grand Prize Winner Receives $50

Starting July 1 2008 Prerunner Maniac is starting a forum posting contest where the winner will receive $50. Second through 5th place winners will all receive a Prerunner Maniac poster and stickers.

Here is how it works. Register if you have not done so, (if you have subscribed to our magazine then that user name and password is what you use to post in the forum). Then start posting. Now your amount of forum posts does not mean you can simply post, “My name is so and so” over and over again. This contest is for quality posts. You are allowed to introduce yourself, but that only counts as one post.

Note: In order to be considered the winner of this contest you must have posted at least 25 unique topics. Replies to your own posts do not count.

The winner will be determined after 3 months and announced in our November issue of Prerunner Maniac. Each month stats will be provided and updated so you can see who the top poster is.

When the winner of our forum posting contest is chosen we will contact the winner by email to obtain their legal name and mailing address so we can email you your prize.

So start thinking of questions to post, and get ready for this exciting new contest. Think of it, 50 bucks can fill your prerunner’s gas tank for a whole day of fun.

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