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Prerunner Maniac Project Desert RZR

As you might have read in the Prerunner Maniac Blog we made a 14 hour round trip to see the folks at RideNow Powersports Metro (Formerly Metro Motorsports) to pick up our newest project, “Desert RZR”. I am sure everyone has seen and heard about the new Polaris RZR. We even wrote an article about it, 2008 Polaris Ranger RZR. Well after months of waiting we finally got one of our own.

Prerunner Maniac Project Desert RZR Action

OK so why did we drive to Glendale Arizona when there are RideNows in Las Vegas? It simple, no one had any. We called the 5 locations in Las Vegas, 1 in Overton NV, also an independent Polaris dealer in Cedar City, UT., and no one had one. Since RideNow Powersports Metro is the largest RideNow dealer we got lucky and they had one we could buy.

Seeing the new RZR and driving one are 2 different things. I had seen them in person, even seen them with long travel kits and ones that were race ready, but there is nothing like driving one. Now my experience with driving one is limited to the deserts in our area…hey I just got it 2 days ago.

We don’t have a formal plan put together yet as our first plan was just to get our hands on one. We would like it to have a long travel kit on it like the ones offered by:

Both kits are very well built, and should stand up to the abuse we are going to put it through. In the name of safety we are also going to have a real cage built for it.

These are just some of the ideas that come to mind. I am sure more will follow, like maybe a spare tire carrier, prerunner bumper, and some lighting.

Be sure to check back often to keep up to date on the progress of our new Project Desert RZR.

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