Prerunner Carnage

Prerunner Suspension Carnage Sheared Shock Shaft

The feature you see in this months issue did not go without a hitch. Our day was cut short after a huge jump with the stock rear suspension.

The owner Brandon came off a jump and while circling around to hit it again we saw the driver side rear shock dragging on the ground. If you look at both pictures you’ll see the shock shaft was completely sheared. I guess shocks don’t make good bumpstops.

We looked at the passenger side shock and it had a huge dent in the can so it would not last much longer either.

We did the photo shoot in Pahrump and Brandon lives in Las Vegas 60 miles away. As you can see from the second picture Brandon simply removed the dead shock and limped out of the desert to the highway to head home.

I am glad it happened at the end of the day as we still got a ton of great shots.

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