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Prerunning Battle at Primm with our Project Desert RZR

Project Desert RZR

We showed up in Primm on Friday for the Pre-run or Pre-Fun Run as SNORE calls it. We heard the course was only a 13 mile lap so we decided to take a stab at it with our Project Desert RZR. We unloaded the RZR and got in line.

After lining up we noticed we were the only ones prerunning in a UTV. Some used buggies, some used actual prerunners and some even preran in their family vehicle (more on that later).

We figured we would be safe considering there was supposed to be a strictly enforced 25mph speed limit which was never enforced, but it made for a “Fun Run”.

There were about 10 vehicles in front of us at the start. We headed down the main drag in front of pit row then off through the course. When we started we had brought our goggles and did not use them, only our sunglasses that we  buy stylish glasses at ICU Eyewear …that lasted about 3 miles. We pulled off the track after getting dusted by a buggy flying by us and our eyes were screaming for help.

My wife quickly jumped out and grabbed my goggles and it was like heaven, my eyes were saved. Another thing we noticed during this was that we need side-view mirrors. Having 4-pt. harnesses on does not let you turn around easily to see if there is someone on your tail. So we will be in the market for those in the near future.

The Project Desert RZR did well with everything the course threw at it. We only had trouble through some of the turns that were really rutted and filled with silt. Since the RZR has very low ground clearance we found ourselves high-sided on tops of these ridges in the turns. Luckily the RZR also posses enough power to plow right through them. Being able to drive on the course was definitely a blast. I would do this again in a heartbeat. The only bad part is it really gives you a craving to go Desert Racing, and I don’t have $60k lying around.

The course seemed very fast with very little in the way of deep rutted areas to slow you down. There were some great jumps including the infamous Dike Jump that you will see in our coverage article. This thing was huge!!! This also made for a great spectator’s race since you did not have to wait long to see your favorite racer pass by more than once. There was a huge infield with turns, jumps and whoops that gave spectators a lot to watch.

Earlier I mentioned some people used the family vehicle on this prerun. As we got half way through the course, we were following an extra cab Toyota loaded with people and in front of them was a brand new STOCK Chevy Tahoe. We came upon a section of low rolling whoops that was bouncing us around like popcorn in an air popper; we look to our left and see this Tahoe doing about 25mph through this section. They were going about 20mph too fast for this stock Tahoe, but it sure was fun to watch someone thrash on a $45,000 SUV.

We ended up passing them through this section and finished the prerun shortly after. The best part about prerunning SNORE races is it seems they are very lenient as far as who can go. No one asked us for our media credentials, just handed us a map while in line and that was it. We had also questioned whether it was ok to prerun in a UTV and were told you can do it in anything, quad, truck, car, whatever. I don’t recommend this for some of their longer races. Most people don’t realize even going slow how much stress romping through the desert puts on their body. This is where I give kudos to all the people that put their bodies on the line each year so that we can bring you great stories like this one.

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