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Project Desert RZR Hood Scoop Install

Fullbore Innovations RZR Hood Scoop, great looks that helps your RZR keep its cool.

Looking online for accessories for our new Project Desert RZR I came across a company that specializes in ATV wide body plastic kits. Looking further into their site I found they also manufacturer wide body kits for Side x Sides like the Yamaha Rhino and the Polaris RZR.

Another cool product they make is what you see here, the RZR hood scoop that includes new billet aluminum front grills.

This is a very easy install as it is a remove and replace item and all you have to do extra is simply bolt on the billet grills.

Everyone at Fullbore is very nice and helpful. At the time we ordered it took a little longer as Fullbore was in the process of converting their scoop to work with the new 2nd gen. hoods made by Polaris.

If you are a RZR owner you might have seen the "older" RZRs used 4 locks for the hood, and the newer ones use hooks built into the front, and two knobs that lock the top. Be sure to specify which generation RZR you have when ordering.

We are waiting until the weather heats up to see what a difference the front grills and scoop make on cooling our RZR. The design allows cool air to enter from the front of the scoop and hot air to leave the back of the scoop. When driving, this creates a vacuum pulling hot air out of the front of your RZR, and allowing more air to flow over the radiator. We will have a follow up to this article when we can get some summer riding in.


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