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Ranger Prerunner Born to Fly

Owner – Tim Shedarowich Aka Timmy of Dirt Alliance


I met Travis Siflinger of Dirt Alliance at the SoCal Dirt and Sand Expo in August. I knew he had connections to some great prerunners so I ask him to send over some pics, and let’s get them in the magazine. This is the first of many to come.

The owner of this Ford Ranger Prerunner is Tim Shedarowich better known to his friends as Timmy. The prerunner you see here is his 3rd. When asked, “What’s the closest call you’ve had in your truck?” he replied with, “Flipping the first two.” This shows you the dedication this guy has to building great prerunners.

This 20-year-old resident of Lake Forest, CA. got hooked on prerunners when his brother built one in ’99 when Tim was 15. Tim’s ultimate goal is to build a Trophy Truck and go racing. Let’s see what makes Tim’s prerunner tick.

The first thing you notice on Tim’s truck is the deep blue paint accented by the super bright lime green graphics. All of the ‘glass, front clip and bedsides, on Tim’s Ranger is provided by Fiberwerx. What lies beneath the pristine body is what really counts here.

We start with the 347 cu. in. stroker motor that pumps out 425 hp connected to a built C4 3 speed tranny. Getting that power to the ground is a set of 35” Goodyear race tires on beadlocks. Now that the go part is taken care of we need to address the legs on this high flyin’ truck.

Up front Tim uses Giant Equal Length Beams w/ King Shocks, and they are strapped at 17 inches of travel. The rear uses a McNeil 3 link w/ King Shocks and it is strapped at 28.5 inches. Those are pretty impressive numbers for any offroad vehicle. Tim’s prerunner also has Equal Length steering to contend with the mass amount of travel.

As the pictures of Tim’s truck illustrate, Tim is all business when it comes to his prerunner. Lots of power, lots of travel, fully caged, this is a recipe anyone can follow to create the prerunner of their dreams. Great job Tim!!!

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