Rolled Project Desert RZR

Not even a week old, last Sunday we went to Little Dumont and brought my neighbor and his son. My neighbor has been riding the Dunes for years and when it was his turn to take it out, I told him stay in my line of site so I can get pics for the magazine. He replied with, "I’ll give you something to take pictures of". Little did he know what an impact that statement would cause.

I stood on top of a dune to get some shots and got a lot of good pictures. I see my neighbor starting to turn on the side of a dune, rolling the back out and through my view finder I see it start to roll. Then I hear my wife scream and start running.

I brought the camera down and started running myself. After coming around the dune I see my neighbor and his son hanging upside down from the seat belts. The roll cage did its job protecting them and after getting untangled from the seat belts they came our fine. My neighbor and I pitched it over and had to load it on the trailer as he popped the bead on the passenger rear tire.

In next month’s issue we will show you the pics in our first entry of the new Carnage Column.

I want to thank Tony Hamblin at Metro Motorsports in Glendale Arizona. He is getting us a smokin’ deal on replacing the front plastic and the bed plastic, both received damage in the roll-over. No matter if you live in Arizona or not the Folks at Metro Motorsports are the people to see for all of your ATV and UTV needs. We live in Las Vegas and made the drive out there to buy our RZR. It was a 14 hour round trip and worth every minute!!!

Thanks Tony

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