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SCORE Terrible’s Primm 300 2007

As the 5th race of the SCORE Off-road Racing series, the SCORE Las Vegas PRIMM 300 seems to be a stepping stone for most racers on their way to the Baja 1000 held this November. With over 180 entries and a top average lap speed of 58.266 on a 72-mile lap for the winner, this was a very fast track to run. Also since the Herbsts recently purchased the area of PRIMM we will see a big change in future races held in the PRIMM area. 

The day started early with the slower vehicles running first starting at 6 am. This included the Class 10, SCORE Lite, Class 1-2/1600 3 Laps–Class 5, Class 5/1600, Class 7S, Class 7SX running 4 laps and the Stock Full, Stock Mini, Class 9, Class 3, SPT Truck, SPT Car, Class 11 running just 2 laps. At about 12:30 pm staging started for the faster vehicles that included SCORE Trophy-Truck, Class 1; 3 Laps–Class 8, Protruck, Class 7 all running 4 laps. The first Trophy Truck left the starting line at 1pm.


The number 1 qualifier for the race was #38 Garron Cadiente, and he also was the overall winner with a total time of 4:56:34. Cadiente averaged a blistering 58.266 mph per lap.


Next to finish was the #2 qualifier Mark Post in the #3 Trophy Truck. His average speed was 57.465 mph.


Taking 3rd place was the #3 qualifier in the #1 Trophy Truck, B.J. Baldwin. His average speed was 57.225 mph.


The number 1 starter for Class 1 Unlimited was Larry Roeseler. He qualified 4th and was the 4th place finisher with an average lap speed of 55.979, and a total time of 5:08:41 

All in all there were only 84 finishers among the 183 that started the race. This means that 99 entries fell prey to the rigors of the southern Nevada desert, it also made for an exciting race.

Be sure to make plans for next years race where there are roomers floating around that the Herbsts might take a portion of the race inside the Star of the Desert Area.

Pictures of the SCORE Las Vegas PRIMM 300

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