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Short Course Style Prerunners

Could this be the next trend in prerunners?
Let’s face it building a prerunner is expensive, and because of this prerunner builders are always looking for ways to build something that won’t break the bank.

If you have ever seen a short course off-road race and seen the way the trucks are built you might wonder how they can fly like they do when it looks like they have no suspension travel. The tires almost tuck under the fenders. Believe it or not these trucks actually have about 18″ of travel in front.

Seeing the popularity of this type of racing the guys over at Woolworth Motorsports decided to make a prerunner that mimics this style of race truck.

As it turns out the beginning stages of this build are really quite cheap to build. They started with a 4WD 2008 Ford Ranger. Next came the Glassworks one-piece front clip. Since this piece is about the size of the front clip of a trophy truck there is plenty of room for larger tires. Making room in the back are a set of Glassworks rear fiberglass bedsides.

Now this is where the “cheap” part comes in…add some 35″ tires and you are done!!!

The only other thing added to this truck is a set of 3″ wheel spacers on the front to help aid in tire clearance when making tight turns and the torsion bars are cranked up a bit.

They added a unique prerunner bumper that houses a set of 3 8″ ACRO halogen lights with a custom cut out on the skid plate and that’s it.

So even though this truck can’t tackle 3 ft whoops at speed, it sure turns heads on the street.

The best part is you can have a unique truck and you don’t have to sell your kidney on the black market to afford it.

At this point the sky is the limit. You can get a long travel suspension kit installed, add long travel leaf springs or a 3 link in the back, whatever you want. Now you have some time to save up and get what you need to fully build your prerunner.

Along with the benefit of being able to build your prerunner in stages this style of prerunner has some performance benefits. If you notice the low stance of this prerunner and the added track width in front afforded by the wheel spacers this prerunner handles very well.

When you build a prerunner and raise it up for more travel you raise the center of gravity, so when you turn you get more body roll. Driving this style of prerunner you will feel like you are driving a SCCA race car…ok maybe I am exaggerating a little, but why do you think short course off-road race trucks handle so well, low stance and a wide track, are the recipe for great handling. But, if you need help for traffic tickets from attorneys , you can get them from here!

So take what you can from this build. Come up with your own ideas and build a prerunner you can be proud of and see yourself tuckin’ 35’s.

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