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Silver State 300 Best in the Desert 2009

Seventy seconds was all that separated 1st and 2nd place.

So much off road racing is done in the Jean/Primm area that it was a breathe of fresh air to hear the Silver State 300 would start in Alamo NV, 90 miles NW of Las Vegas. This race was a point to point race with the finish line only a few miles away on the highway from the start line.

This race proved to be more than some could handle with fire ending their day. At about mile 147 Al Hogan and his team had problems which lead them to hitting a power pole and knocking it down. This resulted in catching his race truck on fire and knocking out the power for a while. He and his co-driver escaped the burning truck ok but it was blocking the race course. It took the Best in the Desert officials, BLM rangers and fire personnel some time to get the fire out and reroute the course to get the other racers on their way.

Jason Voss showed up with a brand new Trick Truck. Along the way he had some transmission line problems and up in flames it went. He is ok but the truck was not.

The first racer to cross the finish line was Steve Raskett, in his Porter Class 1546 car with a time of 5:58:44.875. This gave him the overall win and first in Class 1500.

Second overall and second in Class 1500 was the 1517 car of Kevin Colan only 70 seconds behind Raskett. I bet he was wondering where he could have made that time up. His overall time was 5:59:54.609.

Third overall and third in Class 1500 was the 1518 car driven by Chuck Hovey. Hovey was the Team Ford Pole Award Winner during time trials and actually left the line first. His overall time was 6:01:35.375.

Fourth place overall went to the first Trick Truck to cross the line. The 76 Trick Truck of Jesse Jones took first in Class 1400 with a time of 6:12:46.468.

Fifth place goes to another Trick Truck driver, Andrew McMillin in the #31 truck. His time of 6:14:45.750 was also good for second in Class 1400.

6:15:10.531 was the time for our 6th finisher overall taking 4th in Class 1500, Loren Brown in the 1578 car.

One second behind was the #9 Trick Truck driven by Mark Weyhrich with a time of 6:15:11.421. This time was good for 3rd in the Trick Truck Class 1400 and 7th overall.

Our 8th place finisher, taking 5th in Class 1500 was the title sponsor of this race Mike Bilek of Bilek Racing in his 1567 car with a time of 6:20:00.281.

John Cooley in his 1522 car took 9th overall and 6th in Class 1500 with a time of 6:21:41.078.

Rounding out the top 10 saw Greg Nunley in the 10 Trick Truck with a time of 6:26:34.640. This put him 4th in Class 1400.

Other Class Winners

Todd Elam took 1st in Class 1000 in his 1052 car with a time of 6:33:54.890

Class 1200 winner in the 1220 car was Ryan Staats with a time of 6:45:54.734.

Lee Banning had a good day taking the win for Class 1100 in the 1123 car with a time of 7:04:05.515.

Stock Fullsize winner Greg Foutz in his 8111 truck crossed the finish line at 7:12:02.625.


Class 2000 winner in the 2091 car was Greg Parker with a time of 7:16:40.312.

Bill Kunz took first place in Class 7200 in his 7231 truck with a time of 7:30:39.250.

The 7384 truck driven by Kellon Walch took 1st place for Class 7300 witha time of 7:54:53.203.

Jeepspeed, Class 1700 winner Perry Coan piloted his 1736 Jeep and crossed the finish line at 8:19:42.453.

Class 5000 saw the 5012 car take 1st. It was driven by Eric Anderson with a time of 9:44:12.265.

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