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I stopped by Woolworth Motorsports late one afternoon to find Robby building a complex bedcage for a client. I asked who owns this and Robby gave me his email address.

I sent the owner an email and he replied with, “I would love to be in the magazine!”

We met Matt at a place he rides often that follows the 215 off of Summerlin Pkwy. He told me we can get some good action shots here then I’ll take you on a trail that leads to the backside of Red Rock Canyon.

It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon, when we arrived Matt was there waiting for us. We discussed how the shoot would go and off he went.

When you see these pics, I have to say that all Matt has done to his Ranger is the rear suspension. The front is as stock as it left the Ford Factory with the exception of some wheels spacers. Matt also told me he was into mountain bike riding, and I see it in the way he drives his prerunner. He is fearless.

As I mentioned the only mods done to this truck’s suspension is in the rear where a custom bedcage resides that was built by Woolworth Motorsports. It features FOA remote-reservoir shocks and Deaver springs. What is unique about this bedcage is that it allows Matt the ability to carry his mountain bikes between the shock towers, so he is still able to enjoy his other passion for dirt. Matt also pulled the bedsides to give him a little more bump-travel.

On the front Matt has Glassworks fiberglass fenders and a pair of 2-inch wheel spacers to increase his truck’s track width. There is also a custom prerunner bumper that houses 3 off-road lights. Aside from that it is stock. Stock or not it did not stop Matt from some low altitude flying.

This first set of pics was shot along side the 215 freeway near Summerlin Pkwy in Las Vegas. There are some access roads leading to various Public Works areas. Matt lined up the truck and headed towards me. As you can see I got some good shots of him leaving the ground.

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