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SNORE Dusty Times 250 2010

SNORE Dusty Times 250

The SNORE Dusty Times 250 has always been touted as a Racers’ Race. Relaxed, kick back racing in an environment seldom seen in desert racing. Since parts of the course stretch into the mountains, the scenery changes from desert brush to alpine trees.

One of the biggest obstacles of this race is “Oh Sh*t” Mountain at the end of the race. Our pictures didn’t do this mountain justice, not only is it tall but it is also like a 7% grade of nothing but rocks and boulders. I told a friend of mine after the prerun, “you better keep it in first on the way down”. He replied, “na, second will work”. He told me later I was right.

Yet again we see TJ Flores out front, taking the overall win and win in Class 1 Unlimited, followed by Kevin Colan in the #101 car and Todd Wyllie taking 3rd overall and 1st in Unlimited Truck.

TJ Flores Takes the Win with a Time of 05:41:11.343

Kevin Colan crosses the finish line second with a time of 06:01:48.281

Todd Wyllie finished first in Unlimited Truck and 3rd overall with a time of 06:19:14.515

Da Bomb

Racin’ in his own back yard Class 9 Winner and Caliente resident Kyle Cox smokes everyone in Class 9 by over an hour, and that’s with 2 speeding penalties worth 9 minutes

 More Top Class Finishers


David Greenhill wins Class 10 with a time of 07:04:26.218

Billy Geregtry wins Class 12 with a time of 06:37:33.875

John Houton wins Class 13 with a time of 05:32:58.234

Eric Ludian wins Class 1450 with a time of 05:14:59.921

John Perkins wins Class 15 with a time of 05:40:56.140

Darin Anderson wins Class 1600 with a time of 06:32:38.968

Mark Bass wins Class 18 with a time of 05:34:23.046

Dave Wilson wins Class 3000 with a time of 05:24:59.140

Steve Alexander wins Class 5 with a time of 07:44:47.281

John Berry wins Class 5/1600 with a time of 08:46:31.046

Nick Moncure wins Class 7s with a time of 06:06:54.343

Travis Bozzano wins Class 7 with a time of 06:58:17.953

Terry Scott Evans wins Class 8 with a time of 06:37:32.625



Other Highlights of the Race

2010 SNORE Dusty Times 250 from Caliente Nevada

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