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SNORE Rage at the River 2010

Jimmy Nuckles wins Rage at the River 2010

The 2010 SNORE Rage at the River turned out to be one of the best races of the year.


We arrived in Laughlin on Thursday so we could get settled in and be ready Friday morning for the prerun. The course was only around 13 miles so I wanted to see the entire course.

The course was very dry and dust was a problem for most racers and over the course of the weekend the race course got so beat up there was a high attrition rate for this race. Tons of DNF’s.

For those that battled, and overcame all obstacles, there was a higher sense of victory. This was especially true for Jimmy Nuckles. He took the win for the entire weekend overall and in Unlimited Truck.

Jason Voss taking second and winning Trick Truck

Unlimited Truck and Class1 Unlimited had to complete 5 laps and Nuckles in the #48 truck completed the race on Saturday with a time of 01:11:50.18 and on Sunday 01:13:32.64 for a total time of 02:25:22.82. You can tell the course was hammered over time because his average speed on Sunday was 2 mph slower at 57.2mph, Saturday 59.2 mph.

Shaun Mc Callum Take 2nd

Second overall and first in Class 1 was Shaun Mc Callum in the #149 car. His overall time was 02:32:42.03.

Third place went to Todd Wyllie in Class 8

Third place went to Todd Wyllie in Class 8 with a time of 02:33:18.23. It seems he did so well in this race he wasn’t able to Race the Unlimited Truck class where we normally see him.

Fourth place went to Marc Ewing with Riot Racing

Fourth place went to Marc Ewing with Riot Racing. His overall time was 02:33:44.93.

Taking 5th was Sean Meecham

Taking 5th was Sean Meecham in the #152 car. His overall time was 02:34:30.09. He actually did better on Sunday beating Saturday’s time by 2 minutes.

Lloyd Sproule in the #65 truck

Sixth Place went to the #147 car driven by Louie Serna with an overall time of 02:38:04.57.

Marc Ewing Riot Racing

Josh Daniel failed to repeat his performance last year when he won the overall passing Cameron Steele in the air behind the High School. Daniel on a blistering pace never finished the last lap on Sunday, but in true Daniel fashion he had the fastest lap time of the weekend 00:13:12.76 which we thought should be mentioned.

Overall it was an amazing weekend and one heck of a way for SNORE to close out the season. A lot of racers tell me they prefer the longer point to point races but as a Media Guy short lap races are my race of choice.

We will see you FEBRUARY 19th – 21st of 2011 for the SNORE Battle at Primm race.

Is This 4-D Photography
Photographers get bored out in the desert. Special thanks to Mike Wilson (middle) and Art Eugenio (right) and unfortunately I don’t know the Photographer on the left.

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