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SNORE Rage at the River Off-Road Race 2010

At the closing of last year SNORE decided it was time to introduce a new race. Using the same track made popular by SCORE’s Laughlin Leap race SNORE creates the BMS Sponsored Rage at the River.

This short course race was perfect for off-road race fans as the racers ran multiple laps giving spectators a lot to see. Unfortunately some of the best spots on the course were only open to media and we were there.

Most race fans enjoy watching the higher dollar cars and trucks because the unbelievable speeds these Class 1 and Trophy Trucks are capable of. The owners’ of these trucks definitely came to please. Laughlin’s road crossings are known for making exciting pictures. A long smooth straight-away leading to a soft incline is a recipe for excitement. First out of the gates was Cameron Steele in the #1 Unlimited Truck. His first lap seemed to be a “Test” lap as the second time he passed us all I saw was the belly pan of his truck.

Behind Laughlin’s High School was another great place for action and we witnessed one of the best passes in the history of off-road racing. The last lap on Saturday saw Cameron Steele just ahead of Josh Daniel in the #113 Class 1 car coming around a sharp 90 degree turn to the straight away behind the school. The terrain was rutted in the corner with deep soft sand, and after the turn a quarter mile straight away with a series of 3 foot jumps thrown in.

You’ll see Daniels take the turn wide with Steele coming inside, Daniels manages to get back on track roosting Steele and again getting crossed up.

Steele taking a shorter line manages to catch up to Daniels and the drag race was on. They hit the first jump with Steele slightly ahead. Steele catches more air than Daniels and this proved to hurt his chances of keeping the lead. Hitting the ground sooner got the power to the ground and by the second jump Daniels passes Steele on the jump. Daniels held the lead to take the win in Class 1 and the overall win.

Here are a few more shots of the Class1, Unlimited Truck battle.

Robert Struck had a bad day Saturday when only a few miles away from the start he was upside down. He was too far away for the gymnastics shot but this is the result.

In the 1450 class we saw a ton of entries with the DNFs starting after 7th place.

Taking the overall was the 1418 truck of Kevin McMurray. Dan Vance took second in his 1429 Toyota. Third place went to Kenny Walker in his 1402 Ranger.

Here are some more shots from Saturday.

Here is some of the action from the other classes.



SNORE Battle at Primm 2010 Off Road Race – Josh Daniels Overalls

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