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SNORE South Pointe 250 2007

BJ Richardson Overall Winner With His Class 1 Buggy

The SNORE South Pointe 250 was situated off of Pabco Road near APEX. We situated ourselves about 1/8 mile from the starting line just after a nice “S” curve in the track. It turned out to be a great spot as the racers went by flinging rocks and dirt as they passed. It was a recipe for some great shots of the race.


SNORE made this race even more exciting with a side x side start. This created a frenzy of action right from the starting line.


In Unlimited Truck class we had Tracy Rubio and Edward Stout fighting it out with Rubio taking the win with a time of 5:10:41 for the 4-lap race.

Class 1 saw 9 racers enter with BJ Richardson taking the win. Richardson completed the 4-lap race with a best overall time of 4:41:12.


Class 10 had 10 entries for this race and CJ Hutchins took the win in his class with an overall time of 4:46:50.

Class 12 only saw 2 entries Tim Pangborn and Grayson Harrist. Pangborn won with a 4:30:50 total time and Harrist had a DNF.

Class 5 had 2 entries, Jim Varshay and Erik Earnest with Varshay winning with a 4-lap total time of 5:46:13.

Class 1/2 1600 was the largest group of racers with 19 entries. Bryan Freeman in the 1616 car took the win with a total time of 5:00:22 for 4 laps

Next was Class 8 had 4 entries with only 1 DNF. Monte Tibbets found himself the winner with a total time of 5:28:29.

Class 9’s winner was Brandon Hughes in the 903 car with a total time of 4:34:08 for 3 laps.

Class 5/1600 winner was Shawn George in the #571 car with a total time of 4:37:28 for 3 laps.

Champ Class winner was Brain Adams in the 1808 car with a 3-lap total time of 5:14:11.

Unl. Sports. Winner was Wesley Stephens in the 28 car with a 3 lap total time of 5:19:40. Stephens was the only entry out of 3 that finished the race.

L. Sports. Winner Briana Bradley in the 58 car won her class with a 3-lap total time of 4:35:56

Class 7 only had one entry Russ Ramsey and he completed the race in 6:13:33.

Class 1450 saw 6 entries and Jesse Ware was the winner and only finisher in the class with a total 3-lap time of 5:28:57.

Class 11 winner was Brandon Benson in the 1183 car with a 2-lap total time of 4:19:23

SNORE put on a great race. It was a good blend between tough and technical. Out of all the entries we had very few DNFs, which is a sign of good racers, and a well laid out track.

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