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SoCal Dirt and Sand Expo 2007

Our next stop was at the Schampa Racing booth. They had a great concept for the show. One side of their race truck looked like a race truck. The other side had the body cut off to show the “meat and potatoes” of the truck. I thought this was a great way for others to see and appreciate the shear amount of work involved with building one of these desert demons. We give them 2 thumbs up!!!

Looking just passed Schampa we saw some really cool sand cars. We introduced ourselves and met the folks of Monster Rails. These 2 super high quality sand cars had every create comfort you could think of.

Around the corner from our booth we saw Desert Rat Buggies. Ray Palmer the owner gets raw chassis and builds these sand cars from the ground up. The attention to detail was something to be seen.

Next we visited our booth neighbor, Randy, owner of Wicked Carts. We first met Randy at the Extreme Motorsports Expo in Costa Mesa. This time we were able to get some pics of his Lifted Golf Carts, and some of the Side x Sides he brought. Randy custom builds golf carts, Rhinos, Rangers, you name it, he will customize it. We are working on getting some of his vehicles featured in our magazine in the near future.

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