The Problem with Print Magazines

Yesterday I received the July issue of Dirt Sports magazine and while thumbing through it I come across a full page editorial announcing the SCORE Las Vegas Cup IV. Later I see a full page ad for the race.

That’s fine and dandy but the race was cancelled 2 weeks ago.

This is the power of an online magazine. You don’t have to wait to get the news and information you crave. I am sure DS will print something next month about the cancellation, but by that time the event date will have already past.

I have seen what it takes to create a print magazine and that is why we choose to go online with our magazine. I don’t have to wait for our magazine to go to print, that’s a week, then for it to be distributed, that could be 2 weeks before the reader gets it.

You might not believe this but our July issue is being sent out this morning July 1st.

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