The Trouble with Adrian Cenni

In the July issue of DS magazine their Pre-Run section written by Scott Rousseru basically chastised Adrian Cenni for his hard hitting driving style. Other CORR drivers were interviewed and they said they loved him and hated him for this. The love was because of the number of seats he filled at a CORR race, and the hate was because his balls to the wall driving style sometimes included crashing into other drivers.

Well that is just part of CORR Racing. What if someone complained that the roller jumps in Primm are too far apart and caused them to crash? That’s racing!!!

Others complained that when Adrian Cenni performed his infamous “Wall Crawl” in rounds 3 and 4 at Primm that he could have killed someone if he had actually gone over the wall. Well maybe the officials of CORR need to take this as a warning to make certain sections of the guard fence even stronger.

I can understand the frustration of the other drivers if they are heading for the lead and someone like Cenni takes them out. His wild driving style is what makes CORR such a great spectators sport. Again he fills the seats.

Other off-road racers were mentioned for their crazy sometimes hazardous driving style, but the difference was they were also winners. Adrian Cenni has not won a race in over 2 years. Does that make him less formidable of a racer?

In the 80’s tennis was not mainstream until Andre Agassi came on the scene. Like Cenni, Agassi filled the seats with his wild playing style, “rock star” long hair and super bright colored clothing. At one point he was the top paid tennis player and had never won a Grand Slam tournament. His antics are what brought tennis into the mainstream, and made tennis “cool”.

Love him or hate him Adrian Cenni does a great service for CORR. He fills the seats and gives the crowd something to talk about at work the next day.

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