Prerunner Features

Toyota Factory Prerunner Concept

This TRD Tacoma Off Road project is based on the 09 Tacoma Access Cab Standard Bed 4×4 truck. The concept features styling and suspension revisions as well as a more powerful supercharged engine.

Passing by the Toyota booth at SEMA this year my eye was caught by a set of bulging bedsides. Immediately I turned to see this work of art. Personally not a fan of the paint choice but it’s what is underneath that paint that will intrigue you.

Not only does this concept prerunner have a widened track width in the front of 3.5” per side allowing for 13” of wheel travel, but when you look under the rear you see more A-arms. Yes this prerunner concept has an independent rear suspension as well with 14” of travel.

Now this is new to the truck scene though it has been used in sandrails and buggies for years. I would be curious to see how this affects on-road handling while still keeping the travel numbers high. You would think there would be a lot of sway when you made a u-turn.

Most prerunners feature fiberglass bedsides and fenders, but this prerunner concept seems like the bulge fenders and bedsides were made at the factory, following the same lines the original Toyota designers made.

Power wise it looks like the potent 4.0 V6 has a unique TRD supercharger with an integral air to liquid intercooler making the boost more dense to squeeze out (or in I should say) the most power possible.

Like all the rumors behind the Raptor Ford is building I don’t know if this concept will actually see the showroom floor, but at least Toyota is keeping their ears to the ground and really hearing what “WE” are saying.

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