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Toyota Tacoma TRD TX Baja Series

After the success of the Ford Raptor it seems every truck manufacturer is trying to create their own Baja inspired truck. Do you think the new Toyota Tacoma TRD T|X Baja Series truck will match that of the Ford Raptor?

The new Baja Series Tacoma does get some prerunner like upgrades in the form of Bilstein coilover shocks in front, remote reservoir Bilstein shocks in the rear, a TRD performance exhaust, and beadlock style wheels, along with BFGoodrich All-Terrain tires, but I am wondering if that is enough to really call this a factory built prerunner.

The Bilstein shocks are a definite upgrade, but Toyota did nothing to increase the amount of travel the Baja Series Tacoma has over a stock Tacoma. Ford did make longer A-Arms to give the front or the Raptor more travel.

Even in the rear resi shocks will help a lot, but with the same factory style springs in the rear will the rear suspension have any more droop? I just don’t think so. Maybe you will be able to handle chatter bumps a little faster but I wouldn’t go hitting any jumps or deep whoops.

So maybe Toyota is testing the waters so to say with this model. We shall see very soon as Toyota says the Baja Series Tacoma will be available in May of this year. Maybe we will see some of these out at the races, then we can judge it.

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