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Trophy Karts Mini Trophy Trucks

I am surprised it took so long for someone to come up with this. Mini Trophy Trucks called Trophy Karts. Most might think these are just for kids, well kids do race these in CORR, but for the kid at heart they are a blast!

The first things you notice are the coil-overs peaking out from under the fiberglass body made by Glassworks Unlimited. Then you see the gleam of the sun shining off the aluminum dual a-arms. Yes these are true to their names with 15 inches of front travel and 18 inches of rear travel.

The rear suspension is made up of a Tri-link System and coilovers. The rear trailing arms like the front arms are all aluminum, so they are strong and light weight.

The frame of the Trophy Kart is constructed of steel tube and includes a full rollcage. The rollcage also acts as mounting points for the front and rear suspension in true Trophy Truck style.

The engine is a 265 cc Subaru engine and is connected to a CVT/Auto transmission. This engine is enough to have fun in the desert and over the whoops, but don’t expect to throw paddles on it and hit the dunes. That’s not what it was made for. On flat ground you can expect to hit speeds of around 50mph. I think this number was obtained with a small kid in it. If you are close to 180 lbs, I would expect a speed of about 40 mph.

Inside you will find a removable steering wheel and a PRP Racing Seat with 4pt. harnesses.

These Trophy Karts have taken off and now have sanctioned races in the CORR Racing Series, but that is another article.

You need to see these for yourself, I guarantee you will be getting the check book out.

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