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TrophyLite Race Trucks

After hearing the buzz about the new TrophyLite trucks I decided to get some more details about this new desert race truck.

Labeled as a “Working Man’s’” vehicle for racing TrophyLite has created a truck that is more affordable and still very capable.

I have seen these in action and because it comes with all the features of the high-dollar Trophy Trucks, just in a scaled down version TrophyLite has made it possible for more people to get into desert racing that previously could not afford to.

Let’s face it racing of any sort is not cheap, but for the price it is hard to beat these features:

  • Full Tube Chassis.
  • 2500 lbs dry weight.
  • 108”x 70” Wheelbase.
  • 200 Horsepower GM Ecotech Engine.
  • GM 3 Speed Turbo 350 Automatic Transmission.
  • 33” x 12 1/2” x 15” Wheels.
  • 2 Mastercraft Race Seats.
  • 15″ KMC Enduro Beadlocks
  • TROPHYLITE Fiberwerx Fiberglass Chevy Body.
  • Currie Enterprises 9 ” Rear End.
  • Disc Brakes.
  • Designed for Short Course Racing, Desert Racing or Recreation.
  • 4 Link Rear Suspension 20” of Rear Wheel Travel with two 2” Coilover & two Triple 2 1/2” by-pass Fox Racing Shox Per Corner.
  • Double Arm Front Suspension 18 ” of Front Wheel Travel with two 2” Coilover & two Triple 2 1/2” by-pass Fox Racing Shox  Per Corner

Since all these models are built the same, it creates more of a “Drivers” category of racing, where driver skill and a little luck is what wins races.

TrophyLite has already attracted some major sponsors like KMC Wheels and KCHiLites, so it seems TrophyLites are here to stay.

After watching these race the only struggle I ever saw was in deep silt. The little Ecotech really has to be pushed to get through some of the deep sand. Other than that these things take a jump like their full-size counter parts. The FOX SHOX and the Double A-Arm front suspension and the rear 4-link really soak up whatever you throw at them. I also wonder how much the sort wheelbase plays a roll in taking whoops at high speed.

The next race scheduled for TrophyLites is Round 2 – May 16-18 in the Best in the Desert- Blue Water Gran Prix in Parker, AZ. If you have the chance make it a point to go see them race. I story hardly tells the tale. You have to see them in person!

If you would like more information of how you can get a hold of these scaled down Trophy Trucks visit TrophyLite today.

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