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Truck Tent by Napier

Before the 2009 SEMA Show we get a ton of press releases sent to us by companies who will be attending. We received one about a new product called the Truck Tent by Napier. We looked at their website and decided we needed one for ourselves.

Many times when you are out in the desert testing or for us covering a desert race you can’t usually get a trailer to fit where you are, so we thought this was a perfect fit for us.

Setting up the Sportz Truck Tent is no different than setting up a regular tent except for the straps that hold it down to your bed.

Now if you have seen our Ranger prerunner you know we have a retractable tonneau cover which eats up the front 10 inches of our bed. We wondered if this would be a problem and after getting it up, it posed no problem at all. The floor of the tent simply conforms to whatever shape you have.

You can see in the first image that everything fits in a small duffel bag. This makes it easy to carry with you.

Next we pulled everything out to show you what’s inside. There is the tent, polls and an awning you can erect that goes outside the doorway.

We started by unfolding the tent and arranging it in the bed.

Then we loosely attached the straps over the bed sides..

There are a few that go around your tailgate.

Next we got out the poles and lucky for us they are colored to match the loop in the tent where they should go, making this stupid proof. There are 2 that criss-cross from front to back then one that goes in over the door opening.

After you get the poles up there are a few clips that snap on to the poles and that is it.

Now if you have a Full-Size truck or an SUV, you are not left out, Napier makes models to fit just about anything.



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