TSCO Vegas to Reno 2009 The Long Way
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TSCO Vegas to Reno 2009 The Long Way

Casey Folks, Director of Best in the Desert, announced big news today on the 2009 Best in the Desert “Vegas to Reno” event, held in August of 2009. Taking the highway from Vegas to Reno is a leisurely 7 hour drive of about 450 miles – but not Folks’ way – it’s now known as the TSCO “Vegas to Reno” – The Long Way!! .. and it’s approximately 1,000 miles one way!

Folks likes to use the old adage “lead, follow or get out of my way,” and that’s the case with this spectacular event. Best in the Desert is doing exactly that and running wide open… all the way to Reno! It will be the greatest long-distance off-road event in this decade on U.S. soil.

2008 was a great year for Best in the Desert as they saw increased entries at every race – and for 2009 Folks is once again turning up the heat with this exciting announcement. The course for the TSCO “Vegas to Reno” – The Long Way!! has changed dramatically, and the event will run for three days as a staged event. That’s right – three days; with stops each night at “Camp Adventure”, where racers and their teams will have the opportunity to make repairs and adjustments to their vehicles – in a controlled environment and have great bench-racing opportunities.

Festivities each evening include live music sponsored by Speed Technologies, plus an impressive hospitality area sponsored by Red Bull, with their energy drinks. There will also be a Beer Garden, and for those nondrinkers, a great place for root beer or a root beer float, sponsored by TSCO and Rebel Malting & Brewing, and Lance Jergensen, Little Brother to Todd Jergensen. The soon to be announced “Camp Adventure” locations will let spectators, racers and their teams take in the Nevada desert’s beautiful sunsets, and offer the opportunity to meet and converse with some of the world’s most talented racers.

Each day will hold new challenges for the racers, as they traverse more than 300 miles, stop overnight at “Camp Adventure”, and then head into Reno, Nevada to a brand new official finish located at the Dayton, Nevada Event Center, where team members and fans can help celebrate. A big thank you to TSCO, sponsors of this prestigious event for the 8th year in row, who also heartily support and look forward to the staged event concept.

Tentative Schedule:

Time Trials Tuesday August 18, 2009 in Las Vegas

Contingency/Tech Wednesday August 19, 2009

Race Day 1 Thursday August 20, 2009

Race Day 2 Friday August 21, 2009

Race Day 3 Saturday August 22, 2009

Awards – Reno, Sunday August 23, 2009

More details will be forthcoming soon, watch the Best in the Desert website for more details.



Don Fall or Russ Turner



Each day of the staged event features an individual sponsor :

Day Three Sponsor is Speed Technologies, which is also providing the live music.

Day Two Sponsor, the longest trek which could go into the night, is sponsored by KC HiLites.

Day One Sponsor is McMilllin Racing.

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