Where Is My December Issue Of Prerunner Maniac

Well if you have been to the site before you will notice our magazine has a new look. We have been busy with race coverage, event attendance and the new look this month and we are making up for it with the largest issue ever!!!

The January issue of Prerunner Maniac with be a double issue with race coverage, tech tips, prerunner features and a host of new features on the site.

So be patient the January issue will be sent to you on New Year’s Day. If you have not subscribed yet, subscribe now so you don’t miss our largest issue ever.

We Need Your Prerunners

Do you want to be famous? Then send us your prerunners. Whether you are a Fabrication shop, or just own a cool prerunner, we want your vehicles to feature in our magazine. Send your pictures to today.

Got a New Product?

If you have a product that you feel is something our readers would like send us a note to Please include a picture and a brief description.

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