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White Night Rear Lighting System

When you are out in the desert at night it is just as important to see what’s behind you as it is in front of you. The off-road light market is flooded with solutions to see farther ahead at night than you can physical drive, even if what you drive is a Trophy Truck. Now there is something that can help you see what goes on behind you.

White Night offers its Rear Lighting System to be easy to mount and very functional to use.

The key to the ease of use and installation is that this lighting system mounts over your receiver hitch and connects to your seven-pin towing plug. Now I will let you know that you need to really check to see what model will fit your receiver hitch. Our hitch has a lip on the front of it which made mounting a little more involved. Other than that installation happened in les than 30 minutes.

We decided to give the lights the ultimate test. The deserts near us get completely dark. I mean so dark you can’t see your hand in front of your face. We figured this is a good test bed for the amount of light the White Night Lighting System really offers.

The system comprises of 2 55-Watt halogen lights (that’s 130,000 candle power) angled to provide you with an 80 foot spread of light. This seems to be more than enough light for the rear as most people don’t go haulin’ a** over 2 foot whoops in reverse. Now for the test…

Our first shot shows you what our back-up lights produce by themselves. Not bad for factory lighting but not good either.

Now you can see what the light is like with just the White Night Lighting System on.

Here are both the White Night Lighting System and the back-up lights.

This is what is looks like on the truck.

With a suggested retail price of only $99.95, I can see (no pun intended) this is a really useful product on your support truck or tow truck. The light it produced lived up to its claims and certainly gave us enough light to now try those 2-ft whoops in reverse, ok maybe not.



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